When Child’s Voice Calls Out For Help, Firefighters Find 5-Year-Old Has Been Trapped In Chimney

by Amy Paige
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A mischievous 5-year-old Virginia boy recently wandered out of his third-story bedroom window and onto the roof of his house.

Emergency crews believe he leaped into the 20-foot-tall chimney, feet first, then gradually wiggled down to the bottom of the chimney located in the basement.

After the fire and emergency services crew arrived, they heard the boy calling out for help as his younger sister pleaded for them to save him. For hours, he remained trapped in the 10×10-inch space.

Since the boy was most of the way to the bottom of the chimney, the rescue crew decided it was best to start from the basement and work up instead of trying to pull him up through the top.

This meant the crew had to completely dismantle the chimney “and basically work our way up to him like a puzzle.”

There have been many stories about people falling into/getting stuck in chimneys. In 2011, an 8-year-old boy from Utah tried climbing down a couple’s chimney to ask for a drink of water, but he ended up getting stuck in their chimney for four hours. In 2015, construction workers were tearing down a cabin in Colorado when they discovered the body of Joshua Vernon Maddux, 18, who’d been missing for several years. Police believed he climbed down the cabin’s chimney and unintentionally became stuck.

In this case, thank God, the little boy was able to assist the fire crew in his own rescue throughout the tireless two-hour operation.

Footage provided by WTVR Richmond

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