4-Year-Old Boy Took His Recently Divorced Mom On A Valentine’s Date

by Angel Chang
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Emma Schofield, 32, of Devon, England, had been dreading Valentine’s Day ever since she got divorced from her husband of six and a half years.

Her 4-year-old son, Max, had noticed that she was feeling down, and decided to take matters in his own hands and treated his mom to the most special Valentine’s Day ever.

Just like this mom who gave her son an incredibly thoughtful scavenger hunt for Valentine’s Day, Max wanted to show his mom how much he thought and cared about her.

In an extremely touching Facebook note, Emma details the exciting plans that Max had ready for the day, the gifts he gave her, and the reactions of those who were there to witness little Max’s gestures of love.

We hope you will be just as touched as we were when you find out what Max planned for his mom…

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Four-year-old Max Schofield, from Devon, England, decided to take his mom out on Valentine’s Day this past weekend.

He decided to treat his mom, Emma, who had recently gotten divorced, to a delicious meal — and even paid for it using his jar of pennies.

Little boy takes mom on Valentine's date

“I am recently divorced with a beautiful little 4 year old boy,” Emma, 32, wrote on her community Facebook page.

“I have always brought my son up to be thoughtful, kind, caring and appreciate even the smallest gestures.”

Little boy takes mom on Valentine's date

During a quick grocery run, little Max told his mom to close her eyes. He handed her a little gift bag, which contained a lovely Valentine’s card and a small stuffed teddy bear.

Then, “he took me to Pizza Express (of course I was the designated chauffeur) and wanted to treat me to a special meal,” continued Emma.

Little boy takes mom on Valentine's date

After their delicious three-course meal, they went to pay.

The waitress started tearing up as Max got ready to pay with his pennies.

“Looking at her eyes welling up, I also began to shed a tear,” wrote Emma.

“She gave us our meal free of charge as a gift from Pizza Express… as she was so touched by what my 4-year-old son had done.”

Little boy takes mom on Valentine's date

When they got back home, Emma found a heart-shaped box of chocolates left on the doorstep by her son.

“This extremely kind gesture left me crying with happiness and holding onto my son with pure joy!” she wrote.

Little boy takes mom on Valentine's date

Emma, a secretary at an elementary school, had previously discussed her divorce with Max. She knew her son was concerned about her being alone on Valentine’s Day, but never expected him to go above and beyond to make sure she was happy.

“We had this wonderful meal and Max’s manners were impeccable,” she told Yahoo. “He was ordering things and being so polite.”

Little boy takes mom on Valentine's date

“He could tell he made me happy. It was the most beautiful day ever. It was wonderful,” said Emma.

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