Toddler Comforts His Huge Dog In The Living Room By Softly Singing To Him

by Jess Butler
Jess is a curly-haired Jersey girl who adores penguins and watches the worst reality shows on TV.

The bond between a boy and his dog is a special one. But this little boy and his dog best friend really raise the friendship bar.

In the video below, posted on January 12, 2017, a young blond boy is sitting down in his living room next to his dog. The large, black canine is lying on the family’s beige carpet, enjoying a sweet serenade.

When the boy’s mom saw what was going on, she decided to capture the heartwarming moment on film.

The precious boy is stroking his dog’s fur and patting him on the head, singing “You Are My Sunshine” in a soft, gentle voice.

The child, who is sitting in front of an army of action figures, doesn’t seem to know every single word, but he certainly tries his best.

His tender tone is soothing to his dog best friend, who is just sitting there listening to each note.

When the dog feels an itch coming on, he moves away, scratching his head with his right leg. Then the little boy lets his dog know that he hasn’t finished singing his sweet lullaby and rises up onto his knees. He continues to caress the dog’s head as he finishes the song.

Satisfied with his singing skills and realizing that his dog is now distracted, the little boy looks up and smiles at the camera, acknowledging his job well done.

To hear the boy’s adorable serenade for his dog, check out the video below.

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