Mom Is Confused When Her 11-Year-Old Son Gets Summoned For Jury Duty

by Emerald Pellot
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A Pennsylvania 11-year-old is confused as to why he was summoned to jury duty. Luke was ordered to appear at the Chester County Courthouse for jury selection.

“I got summoned to jury duty,” Luke told KYW Philadelphia. “I’m only 11, so I didn’t think I’d ever get it.”

Luke’s mother, Jeanette Fox, called the county about the letter but it was no use. A Chester County spokeswoman told KYW that Luke could request an exemption.

The summons came with two pages of instructions. While Luke knows he is too young for the process, he does think being a juror sounds cool.

“They sit during the court case and listen to both sides of the story and they go into the back room, discuss it, and take a vote on if the person is guilty or not,” Luke said.

The error was eventually fixed, although Jeanette thinks Luke would have been a thoughtful juror.

“I think he would’ve done a great job,” she said. “I would have worried more about the content he was hearing.”

The county later explained that Luke had wound up on the list of prospective jurors because the state had provided a list that included minors. However, the state claims they get those names from registered voters and driver’s licenses. In the end, no one knows why Luke ended up getting a summons, but his family is relieved the issue was resolved.

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