4-Year-Old Jumps When He Hears Family Cheering, Then Immediately Darts Back Outside The House

by Jess Butler
Jess is a curly-haired Jersey girl who adores penguins and watches the worst reality shows on TV.

There are two types of people in this world. There are the people who absolutely love surprises and the people who dread them completely.

We’ll let you decide what kind of person this little boy is.

In the video below, posted on March 25, 2017, a little boy in a bright orange shirt arrives at his Winslow Township, NJ home with his father. They open up the front door to a scene that the 4-year-old definitely didn’t see coming.

As soon as the crowd watches the young child begin to walk inside, they all scream “Surprise!”

With that, the 4-year-old jumps up in a stunned state. He freezes for a moment and screams in a high pitched voice.

From there, it is flight or fight — and it is pretty clear which one he chooses.

As the child continues screaming, he quickly turns around and darts past his dad. He makes his way back outside where it’s safe. He is seen running down the sidewalk back toward the driveway to escape the spooky surprise party entirely.

The dad can’t believe his son’s reaction and stands there chuckling. All of their friends and family begin to sing as they wait for the little boy to calm down and come back so he can enjoy his surprise party.

To see the young kid’s hilarious reaction to his surprise party, check out the video below and please SHARE if this story makes your day!

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