Elderly Man Picks Up Wrong Child So Her Big Brother Chases Them Down To Bring Her Home Safely

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

A case of mistaken identity still has some Brooklyn, New York, residents shaking their heads after a 10-year-old boy thought he was saving his sister from a potential kidnapper.

According to WPIX, the boy witnessed a total stranger take his 6-year-old sister by the hand after school, then exit the building together. Because he wasn’t familiar with this man, he chased after them for a few blocks before grabbing his sister and going to a nearby relative’s house.

After seeing the security footage, police initially thought the man who attempted to kidnap the little girl was in his 50s. But officials now say the man was in his 90s and that he mistakenly picked up the wrong child from school.

Luckily, both children are fine after the incident, but parents are still wondering how such a mix-up could have happened.

NYC Department of Youth and Community Development spokesman Mark Zustovich told WPIX, “The safety of young people is our top priority. According to protocol, adults entering the building are required to sign in with a School Safety Officer, and an afterschool provider can only release a child to a person on the authorized pickup list. We have begun an investigation and will take all necessary actions to help ensure that participants in our funded programs are safe.”

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Footage and photos provided by WPIX New York

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