3-Year-Old Boy Helps Save Elderly Neighbor Trapped In Basement For Days

by Amy P
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Three-year-old Eyas Tran loves bringing the newspaper to his elderly neighbor Peggy, who lives by herself in the house next door.

Recently, Eyas was taking a walk outside with his parents through his New Hampshire neighborhood when he spotted an unclaimed newspaper sitting on Peggy’s doorstep.

Eyas hurried to her front door so he could bring the paper to her, but that’s when he noticed at least three other newspapers just sitting there untouched.

The little boy knocked on Peggy’s door, but no one answered. His parents knew something was amiss because her car was parked in the garage.

They called the police. Now authorities say that if it weren’t for Eyas, this story could have taken a tragic turn.

Instead, the fact he alerted his mom and brought attention to Peggy’s door has made for one very happy ending.

Watch the video below to see why Peggy’s newspapers had been piling up for days.

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