9-Year-Old Boy Saves Mom’s Life When She Is Struck By Lightning In The Kitchen

by Emerald Pellot
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Kimberly Krone was clearing the table after breakfast in the kitchen of her Texas home one day — when suddenly the unthinkable happened.

Inside of her own home, she was struck by lightning that tore through her kitchen ceiling. She grabbed a dirty pan and then heard two loud booms. An electrical shock struck the pan she was holding and travelled to her chest.

Lightning can be a horrifying ordeal; just recently, a man was saved by his beloved German Shepherd when lightning struck the both of them during a hike.

Kimberly fell to the ground. Enter her 9-year-old son Tristan: He quickly called 911 and saved his mama’s life.

“When I was little she got me a little play phone and stuff and I played with it. She taught me how to call 911,” Tristan told Good Morning America. “I just remembered to call 911 in an emergency.”

Although he acted quickly, as you’ll hear in the audio from the emergency call, he was terrified. You can hear him crying and struggling to collect himself, then completely pulling through like the little hero he is.

“Lightning came through the ceiling!” he tells the dispatcher. “Mom’s hurting real bad,” he said. “She is still breathing.” Tristan stayed on the phone for over 16 minutes.

Thanks to Tristan, Kimberly survived and is recovering. “I’m doing pretty good,” she said. “I’m feeling a lot better than I did that day.”

The city council rewarded Tristan with the key to the city and he is now a bit of a local celebrity!

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