8-Year-Old Boy Says Angels Helped Him Save His Father From Being Crushed By A Car

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

Stephen Parker and his two sons, 8-year-old JT and 17-year-old Mason, like to work on cars together. It’s a way for them to bond and make memories.

It’s great that Stephen has found a way to spend time with his sons. He was just doing as any good father would do: teaching his sons valuable life lessons and bonding with them.

It is usually a safe and pleasant thing for the father and his two sons to do together, but on one fateful day, something went terribly wrong.

After Stephen and Mason had jacked up the car, the dad slid underneath to start removing the axels.

The first one came off with no problem. It was the second one that gave the family quite a scare.

As Stephen tried to remove the axel, the car came crashing down on top of him, crushing his chest and pinning him to the ground. That’s when he yelled out to you JT to jack up the car.

The problem was this: JT normally can’t jack up a car all on his own. That’s a job that his father and older brother normally do together.

Yet, by some miracle of fate, the young boy managed to lift the car and free his father from certain doom. Stephen was airlifted to the hospital with multiple broken bones, but is now completely mended, all thanks to his youngest son.

How did JT do it? Well, he says it was angels that helped him. What do you think?

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