No One Notices 3-Year-Old Drowning In Pool, Then Little Boy Rushes Over To Save Him

by Emerald Pellot
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After an incident at a local pool, many are calling Colbi Heard, a 9-year-old boy from Leon County, Florida, a hero.

Colbi noticed a 3-year-old swimming in the deep end.

“He didn’t come back up when he was under the water,” Colby says.

Security cameras recorded the entire incident: A 3-year-old boy stands in the shallow end, wanders off into deep water, then begins to flail.

“I saw him underwater, and so I swam over there and I picked him up and brought him to his parents,” Colbi says.

Colbi passed the boy off to an adult who carried him to safety. Then there was an even more amazing coincidence. Colbi’s mom, a nurse, heard the little boy’s mother screaming. She instantly ran over.

“Next thing I knew it was a mother, screaming about her baby. ‘My baby, my baby.’ So I turned and just ran there,” says Severia Heard, Colbi’s mother.

Severia performed CPR for several minutes and saved the little boy’s life.

“I didn’t look at him as someone else’s child. I looked at him like my own child. And that part is what keeps you going. It’s like, ‘Bring life back to someone else. Bring life back into this baby,’” she says.

Severia had no idea her son had first retrieved the boy from the pool. That kind of heroism must run in the family.

“I’ve been telling him since day one, ‘You are a hero. You are a positive young man and a strong young man,’” she says.

But Colbi has a message to anyone who is heaping praise on him.

“Anyone can be a hero,” he says.

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