4-Year-Old Loves Tossing Cans In Recycling. 3 Years Later, He’s Saved $20,000

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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How often do you recycle? Is it a daily routine to sort out the paper, plastic, and glass in your bins?

For some, it’s just a habit that they’ve grown used to; for others, recycling is just too much of a hassle. However, if you sort your recycling out right, you could make a pretty penny.

When Ryan Hickman was 4, he learned just how much he loved to recycle! He enjoyed putting the cans and bottles into the machine, and of course, he loved getting money after he did it.

His passion for keeping the earth a better place, one bottle at a time, has grown. In the three years he’s been doing it, he’s amassed a huge amount of money.

Ryan started his own recycling business and has now raised $20,000, which will go toward his college savings!

He was recently on Ellen, where the host asked him why he loves recycling so much. Ryan said, “Because it saves the planet and it keeps bottles and cans out of the ocean for animals to not get sick or die.”

If you think it is great that Ryan showed an interest in recycling at such a young age, you’ll also love this story of a little girl meeting her neighborhood garbage man, who is also her idol.

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