Son Starts Sobbing When He Opens Cardboard Box And Finds Sleepy New Puppy Waiting Inside

by Christian Cotroneo
Christian is a writer living in Toronto, Canada, who shares his home with his dog, Luna.

In just about every boy’s heart, there’s a dog-shaped hole waiting to be filled. And in every dog, there’s a similar space that a looks a lot like a little boy.

Who can explain the connection between little boys and dogs?

We’ve seen dogs rouse sick children from their beds — and even a dog who refuses to leave the side of a boy with autism.

And all we can really do is marvel at their beautiful bond and soak up some of its timeless warmth.

But there’s no time when this bond burns more brightly than when it’s first forged — that moment when a boy and a dog first find each other.

This video, taken during a boy’s birthday party, captures that moment in all its sweet simplicity.

When the boy opens a box presented to him by his family, you can almost hear the hum of destiny’s wheels turning.

The boy removes the ribbon and the towel — and peers inside to find a yellow Labrador retriever puppy.

They have no idea just yet what adventures await them — what squirrels they will chase up trees, what country roads they will walk together. But from this moment on, they are complete.

The boy’s reaction is pretty much the only reaction little boys can muster at the wonder of it all: tears, more tears and a steady refrain of “Oh my God. Oh my God.”

Both the boy and the puppy are just getting started on the journey of life. But they will walk this road together. And maybe that’s why the boy is crying: for all the joy, the heartbreak, and the beauty that is to come.

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