Hearing Boy With Paralyzed Vocal Cords Say ‘Mommy’ For The First Time Will Move You To Tears

by Lindsey Weedston

A video showing shy little Judah trying out an electrolarynx for the first time is making the whole internet cry.

Judah, who has vocal cord paralysis and a damaged airway, is rather young to be given the device, but he takes to it quickly despite initial hesitation.

The speech pathologist eases Judah into it.

“Here, let’s put it on your hand so you can feel it,” she says. She then presses the electrolarynx — a small vibrating device that helps those with a missing or paralyzed larynx speak — to his skin so he can feel the vibration on his skin. Then she moves to his cheek, and finally under his chin.

Judah shyly puts his hand over his mouth at first, but with gentle encouragement, he manages a small “hello,” and his face lights up in a smile.

“Is that the best ever?” asks the speech pathologist. “You get to hear your brother’s voice!”

Judah’s mother can also be heard laughing — and possibly crying — behind the camera.

“Judah bug is slowly getting used to using his ‘voice box’ or ‘buzzer,'” his mom wrote in the video’s comments. “His kindergarten classmates encourage him to use it — which helps!”

Hopefully, one day, little Judah won’t need an electrolarynx anymore.

“We are still looking to have Judah go through surgeries that would reconstruct his airway. Once his airway is stable and can support his breathing we may be able to remove the trach! And then, finally, we can have the necessary procedures done to try to fix his vocal cord paralysis. It’s a long journey! But he’s a champion!”

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