‘Boy Meets World’ Star, 91, Wakes To Sound Of Shattered Glass And Thwarts Burglary

by Amy Paige
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You might recognize William Daniels as the stern yet beloved Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World, a sitcom that aired on NBC from 1993 to 2000.

William, now 91, also appeared in St. Elsewhere, Knight Rider, and The Graduate.

But move over, Mr. Feeny — because the man who played him is now being hailed his own superhero.

On a recent Saturday night, William was at his California home with his 89-year-old wife, Bonnie Bartlett — who just so happened to play his character’s love interest on Boy Meets World.

Suddenly, William and Bonnie were awoken by the sound of shattered glass. A home intruder had kicked in the couple’s back door and was attempting to force his way into the house.

Swiftly and bravely, William sprung into action and made one simple move that rid his home of their unwanted guest.

“I struggled with an intruder. Took him to the ground. I beat him up. And he ran away with bruises all over him,” he told ABC News. “Would you like to print that? You better not; it’s a total lie.”

Still, pretty impressive for ol’ Mr. Feeny. See more details in the video below.

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