5-Year-Old Boy Was Thrown Off Balcony At Mall Of America, Pastor Now Calling His MRI A ‘Miracle’

by Amy Paige
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On April 12, 2019, 5-year-old Landen Hoffmann went to the Mall of America in Minnesota with his mother.

They were standing outside the Rainforest Cafe when a man they had never met before suddenly grabbed Landon and threw him over the third-floor balcony.

Landen’s horrified mother bolted down to the first level and found her son on the floor where he’d landed, 40 feet below.

The man who allegedly threw Landon, 24-year-old Emmanuel Aranda, reportedly told police he went to the Mall of America to kill someone for revenge after having been rejected by women at the same mall.

He has been charged with first degree attempted premeditated murder.

Landen has been hospitalized ever since the brutal attack. From the beginning, his loved ones predicted a very difficult road ahead, as the boy suffered internal bleeding and fractures on his face, arm, and leg. He also had to have his spleen removed.

As you’ll see in the video, the family’s pastor, Mac Hammond, is now calling the results of his recent five-hour MRI “truly a miracle.”

However, Landon’s family has yet to confirm or deny the pastor’s statements about his recovery and progress.

If you would like to help Landen and his family with their medical costs, please visit their official GoFundMe page.

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