3-Year-Old Boy Hit By Illegal Fireworks That Flew Through His Bedroom Window

by Amy Paige
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There has been an influx of complaints about illegal fireworks being shot off at night in cities across the country.

It’s not uncommon for fireworks to be used more often during the summer months and especially around Independence Day — but New Yorkers, Californians, and residents of other big cities have cited a noticeable increase in firework usage on a nightly basis.

Many are calling it a public safety issue that is somehow related to the current pandemic … with so many canceled events, retailers are trying to sell off their fireworks inventory by offering more discounts, so they are easier to obtain.

Things took a dangerous turn for one family living in the Bronx. Three-year-old Adiel Rosario was excited when fireworks started going off outside his building on the street below.

Adiel was looking out the window of his sixth floor apartment, and just as he and his older sister opened the window for a better look, an illegal firework flew inside the little boy’s bedroom.

Today, his mother says he’s lucky to be alive.

Watch the video below to see how this terrifying incident unfolded.

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