10-Year-Old Stands Outside Gas Station Every Day Selling His Toys To Pay For Uncle’s Funeral

by Amy Paige
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Ten-year-old Daniel Crase and his Uncle Brian were the best of friends. Brian was always a great role model for the boy from Oklahoma.

He made sure to spend quality time with his nephew and made it so that Daniel always had someone to rely on, or just someone to simply play sports with.

Recently, Brian died suddenly from a heart attack. The shocking and sudden death left Daniel without his best friend and confidant.

It’s been reported that Brian had no health insurance, which means the cost of his funeral has fallen onto the family.

They needed about $5,000 to give him the proper burial, but money has been tight.

Daniel told his grandmother, Brenda, who has raised him ever since he was brought home from the hospital, that he wanted to raise the funds for his uncle’s funeral himself.

Brenda thought it was a heartfelt and selfless idea, but she had no clue how to go about raising the money. “But I do,” the determined boy responded.

Daniel’s original plan was to sell his entire toy collection at his family’s yard sale. That didn’t work — but he refused to give up.

That’s when Daniel told his grandmother to take him to the local Quick Way gas station …

Footage provided by KFSM Fort Smith

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