Boy Who Cannot Be Exposed To Sunlight Plays Outside For The First Time On 4th Birthday

by Amy Paige
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Julia Rubin of Griswold, Connecticut, is a single mom to four children. Her 4-year-old son, Brody, has spent nearly half his life going in and out of the hospital.

Brody was born premature at 26 weeks, weighing just over 2 pounds. As he grew older, he kept getting sicker to the point he wouldn’t eat.

There were countless surgeries and doctor’s appointments — but little clarity.

Finally, Brody was diagnosed with Chiari malformation III, which causes defects in the part of the brain that controls balance. These days, Brody has trouble walking and lives with severe chronic pain. He only began talking one year ago after undergoing surgery to remove some of the pressure in his brain.

Because of his extreme sensitivity to sun exposure, Brody never gets to play outside like a regular kid. Considering that this little boy loves the beach and ocean so much, having to be so confined for so long has been one of the most unbearable parts of his medical condition.

Brody burns so easily that the simple drive from his house to his hospital can cause sun blisters on his face. In addition, he must be fed through the electric backpack attached to him 24/7 — a piece of equipment that is lifesaving but also prevents him from fun activities like swimming.

In 2017, the Make-A-Wish Foundation contacted Julia with a very important question: If Brody could have one thing in the world, what would be?

Two years later, on a bright summer day, it was time for Brody’s wish to come true …

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