People Are Loving This Little Boy’s Hysterical Reaction To Meeting The Queen

by Caralynn Lippo
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If you’re a fan of the royal family, the idea of meeting one of them probably fills you with a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

On the one hand, it would be cool to meet someone whose life you’ve followed closely for years. On the other hand, it’s super overwhelming! After all, they’re literal royalty.

For one little boy, the “overwhelming” sensation won out when it came to his reaction to meeting Queen Elizabeth II.

On December 5, the reigning British monarch paid a visit to the Thomas Coram Foundation for Children. According to People, Coram (which is based at the Foundling Hospital in London) is the country’s oldest children’s charity.

Nine-year-old Nathan Grant waited in line with his parents to meet the Queen during the visit. But when she got to them, Nathan’s nerves overcame him.

“We are hosting today, and this is our adopted son,” Nathan’s mom Carrie Grant said to the Queen as she introduced Nathan. Before the 92-year-old royal could respond and greet Nathan, the little boy dropped down to the ground and crawled around his mom’s legs, continuing on his hands and knees right out of the room.

“That’s his version of a bow,” his mom joked.

Nathan seemingly recovered from his shock once he reached an adjacent room, pausing in the doorway to shout “Bye!” back to the Queen, who laughed off the encounter along with everyone else.

Too cute!

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