Young Boy Comforts Crying Girl In An Adorable Way

by Anna Halkidis
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Boys are often encouraged to have a hard shell growing up and to hide their sensitive side.

They are usually expected to love the color blue, play with “manly” toys, and be the star of the sports team.

But, the young boy in the video below proves that not all stereotypes are true. And despite what people might think, young boys can actually be pretty compassionate.

When this one sees his female classmate crying on the school bus, the boy comforts her in an adorable way. Not only does he let her in on a little secret about boys, he also hands her a tissue. (It is a Kleenex commercial after all.)

It’s unclear why the girl was crying to begin with, but she seems a little more chipper after his little pep talk.

The main message of the video is just as beautiful: “We all cry sometimes. Be the person to reach out and show you care. Share a message of care.”

Some viewers were touched by the clip shared on the company’s Facebook page, including one who wrote, “This is one of the most humane and interpersonal commercials I’ve ever seen, teaching prepubescent boys to be kind and considerate.”

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Time for a Change

We all cry sometimes. Be the person to reach out and show you care. Share a message of care at #ShareKleenexCare

Posted by Kleenex on Thursday, June 11, 2015