Dispatcher Receives 911 Call From Little Boy, Then Discovers It’s An Invite To Thanksgiving Meal

by Rebekka Spiller
Rebekka is a small town girl making her way through the Big Apple. She previously has worked at Shape Magazine and She loves cozying up under her cat bedding with a new book and is currently involved in a maddening love affair with Ben and Jerry's.

As the 911 dispatcher listened to the little voice on the other end of the line, she was left stunned by what he had just asked.

For a moment, she pondered whether it was a prank call, but after processing it again, there was no mistaking the meaning behind it.

“Will you come over? Because we are having Thanksgiving dinner. Thank you, bye,” Billy McCormick sheepishly asked before quickly hanging up the phone.

He wanted more than anything for his heroes to join his family’s Thanksgiving Day dinner, so he decided to make it happen the fastest way possible: by dialing 911.

The call was too much for the officers to ignore, so Deputy Damon Byrd and Deputy Aaron Ethridge made their way to Billy’s house. When Billy heard the sound of tires rolling up the driveway, he bolted out the door to greet them.

They let Billy know how touching his invitation was, but also explained to him that in the future, 911 calls should be solely for serious emergencies.

After letting him hang out in their patrol car for a bit, the deputies gave him an honorary sheriff’s badge as a souvenir.

Billy’s mom, Landi, posted on Facebook that her son couldn’t stop raving about how nice the deputies were and “wanted them to come back this afternoon, cause he was gonna fix them a plate.”

This experience solidified his dream of becoming a deputy when he grows up, and he hopes to create a similar experience for future kids. If you found the acts of kindness spread throughout this story inspiring, be sure to SHARE it with your friends!

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