A Boy Asks His Postman For Junk Mail And Receives Hundreds Of Books Instead

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

They say that like calls to like. I’ve always thought that idiom rings especially true for bookworms.

Maybe it’s the shared references, or the mutual appreciation for escaping into a different world, but it’s been my experience that avid readers will always find each other. Even when one of the readers is a cat.

It’s certainly true of this case that started in Sandy, UT, where mailman Ron Lynch met a kindred spirit in 12-year-old Matthew Flores. Lynch was delivering mail to the boxes at Matthew’s apartment building.  Lynch noticed that the boy was eagerly reading advertisements, but was surprised when Matthew approached him to see if he had any junk mail to spare.

A voracious reader with no books at home, Matthew was on a hunt for words of any kind — even ones that most people would throw away. Like this football player building his reading skills, he sees every printed word as fair game.

Lynch — who “started reading at a very, very early age” thanks to his mother — immediately recognized in Matthew a fellow bibliophile. He told the preteen to check out the library for better reading material, but Matthew confessed that his family didn’t have a car or the extra money for bus fare.

Then and there, Lynch decided that he would help find some books for Matthew. He posted a picture of the boy on Facebook, hoping that a few friends would kick in second-hand paperbacks.

Instead, the story went viral, and people all over the world started asking how to get books to Matthew. Now, the boy has amassed a collection of over 300 books new and old, hardcover and paperback.

Matthew, delighted by his bounty, plans to read every single one and to share them with other kids. After all, to quote our young protagonist, reading is “Super fun and it’s interesting. Plus it gets you smarter.”

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This is Lynch's original Facebook post asking for help.

This is Lynch's original Facebook post asking for help.

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