Boxer Dog Jumps For Joy When His Owner Gets Ready To Take Him For A Walk

by Camille Moore
Camille is a proud Connecticut native who has been writing for as long as she can remember. When she isn't busy working, Camille enjoys hanging out with her dog and checking out cool local restaurants.

If you’ve ever owned a dog, then you know that the only thing dogs love more than eating and sleeping is going for walks. For dogs, the chance to get out and explore the neighborhood is easily one of the best parts of their days, and it’s something they always look forward to.

With that being said, it’s important that we take our dogs outside as often as possible. As a proud pet owner myself, I love seeing the look on my dog’s face when I tell him that it’s time to go outside. But as excited as he gets, he’s got nothing on this happy boxer in the video below!

Apparently, this boxer loves walking so much that he can’t control himself when his owner gets ready to take him outside. As soon as his owner shows him the leash, he can’t help but to jump for joy — literally.

In fact, he gets so excited that he beats his owner to the door. There are a lot of debates over what it means to be happy, but I think this dog’s reaction is the perfect definition.

Watch the video to see how this boxer reacts when his owner gets ready to take him for a walk. Has your dog ever done this?

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