Strange Cardboard Box Is Found In A Park, Then They Open It And See 4 Baby Owls Staring Back

by Grace Eire
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What would you do if you found a box of baby owls?

You might be tempted to take them home and care for them yourself, but that would ultimately end up being bad for the babies. Without proper care, the owls would never be able to be released into the wild. They have to learn to hunt and fend for themselves.

Blackland Prairie Raptor Center, a care center for raptors, or birds of prey, came into possession of a box of baby barn owls. It’s a total mystery as to how or why they ended up abandoned in a box, but it’s certain that they are now orphans.

After a bit of care and rehabilitation, these babies should be A-OK. It’s a good thing a civilian found the box when they did, though, because when owls are as young as these babies were, they don’t stand a chance on their own for very long.

These little guys are very cute, in their own way, but you need to be careful when handling nature! If you happen to find orphaned baby owls in your area, give a call to your animal control department to see if there is a proper bird rescue nearby.

Every life is precious, and it’s so great that these four were saved just in time. Now they will get the chance to grow up big and strong, and to live out in nature as they were meant to.

Have you ever found anything like this in your local park or neighborhood? How did you handle the situation when you were faced with it?

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