Clever Homeowner Transforms Her Boring Bathroom Into A Beachy Escape

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

There is nothing more satisfying than taking a boring outfit, furniture piece, or dull room and revamping it to make something special — like this beautiful broken flower pot.

Generally, we opt for upcycling a clothing item or maybe a fun decorative piece here and there — but Heather McKinney of too inspired to sleep was a little bit more ambitious and made over an entire bathroom!

And, in the spirit of the rising summer temperatures, the bland bathroom was updated with a beachy, nautical theme in mind.

Using paint, stained wood and some strategically placed rope, she created a fun seaworthy spot with a deep blue color pallet.

Though this DIY project is a little more time-consuming than most, the results compared to the original room are night and day.

So if you are looking for fun ways to spruce up even the most boring bathrooms, check down below to see this crafty bathroom journey!


Heather was tired of her bathroom, which had never been finished since her remodel several years ago.

Though the sink and toilet were pretty, the entire room lacked any decorative flair.

She decided on a beachy theme and used wood, rope, paint, and stain to make her vision come alive.

She chose two different sized cedar fence slats and stained them with a stain in the color “Island Water.”

Using white primer first, she applied the stain with a sponge brush, waited a few minutes, then wiped it off with oil cloth.

She then finished by running over the slats with sandpaper.

The result is a beautiful, faux-distressed dock on the back of the toilet.

After adding a coat of deep blue paint to the wall, she added wainscoting wallpaper to the bottom portion of the walls.

She then attached a 1.5″ trim between the paint and the wallpaper.


Then using a hot-glue gun, she fastened rope along the panel, further strengthening the dock illusion.

She also outlined the walls in the atmospheric rope and used it on the new mirror.

Adding fun, seaside accessories like soap and curly reeds really helped to create the nautical atmosphere.

She also added rope and vacation votives behind the toilet filled with shells.

To finish your beachy bathroom, you can add any other touches that help to pull the theme together.

Between fun towels or festive wall hangings, it’s hard to go wrong!

This DIY transformation proves that, if you have a vision and a few home improvement essentials, you can turn any space into your own little inspired oasis!

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