Retired Bomb-Sniffing Dog Reunites With Her Handler After Being Apart For 7 Years

by Lindsey Weedston

The energetic Belgian Malinois named Kelly was more excited than ever to be reunited with her former handler after seven years apart.

The bomb-sniffing dog worked in Afghanistan for the US military for over six years before retiring. Robert William Nacy worked with her as a military handler in 2010 before leaving in 2011. But Robert never forgot Kelly.

“When I got the last text saying you guys were all outside, I almost lost my mind walking around the hotel,” Robert said in an interview with WNEP.

Robert traveled from Arizona to Pennsylvania to pick up his former partner and newly adopted dog.

Kelly definitely seems like something special.

“I would have gone anywhere for her,” said Robert. “I would have gone back to Afghanistan for her. I don’t care.”

Typically, retired bomb-sniffing dogs are returned to the US and adopted out to families. However, there are nonprofit organizations like K9 Hero Haven dedicated to reuniting military personnel who worked with these dogs out in the field with their old friends. The bonds formed between soldier and canine are fierce, and neither human nor dog tends to forget the other.

“We lost a few dogs over there and a few handlers that unfortunately got hurt, but we were lucky to have her and all the explosive K-9s out there,” Robert said. “They are doing some amazing work.”

Footage provided by WNEP Scranton

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