Bomb-Sniffing Dog And Handler Separated For Months Until Foster Owner Hosts Emotional Reunion

by Lindsey Weedston

An Iraq War veteran has been reunited with his best partner — a bomb-sniffing dog named Ali — after they both spent many years in service.

Ali and Troy Sutton worked together for five years in explosive detection, a dangerous job made much safer thanks to the skills and loyalty of the dogs who can detect explosive materials with their incredible noses. However, Ali eventually had to retire due to old age, and Troy feared he would never see his partner again.

“He was my life over there because he took care of me,” Troy explained to WNEP 16. “He was very good at it, too. I trusted him and I think everyone else trusted him, too.”

This fear of Troy’s did not come true, though, thanks to the efforts of K9 Hero Haven, an organization that takes in retired service dogs and works to place them into loving homes. The staff put in the effort to reunite Ali and Troy after training the Dutch shepherd for civilian life. Now the partners are returning to North Carolina to enjoy retirement after a combined 29 years of military service.

“These dogs served. They’re soldiers, too. They deserve to have a good retirement,” said Bobbie Jo Donovan, Ali’s transitional trainer and foster parent. “It feels good when you’re giving that. Otherwise, we don’t know where they would end up.”

As always, the video of the two being reunited is intensely adorable. Hug your furry loved ones, and grab some tissues — you’re gonna need them.

Footage provided by WNEP Scranton.

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