It’s So Cold In The Midwest That The Subzero Temps Are Turning Boiling Water Into Snow

by Olivia Jakiel
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Brace yourselves, folks. Winter is coming.

Just kidding! Winter is already here and it ain’t going anywhere, anytime soon, considering some 200 million Americans are currently experiencing below-freezing temps, with temperatures in the Midwest hitting record lows of -20 degrees.

That’s not even counting the wind chill factor!

However, the frigid temperatures haven’t stopped some people from conducting a few cold-climate science experiments. Videos of people standing out in the below-freezing temperatures are making the rounds on the internet, and many of these videos have one thing in common: boiling water.

Olha Hamoli and her boyfriend Dmytro Pavlichenko captured the incredible moment they threw boiling water straight into the air as it crystalized right in front of their very eyes.

I have never felt temperatures like this before,” Olha, who has lived in Chicago, Illinois, for over 25 years, told Caters News. “I’d seen a video like this before but in Siberia or Antarctica, and I decided to try it to see if our weather was that bad. It turns out it was! It has been unexpectedly cold with very harsh Arctic wind.”

This winter weather is no joke, though. “Our building heating system collapsed due to such low temperatures,” Olha continued. “The weather is so bad that it is better not to go outside and stay at home until it improves.”

Long story short: While these cold-weather science experiments may look cool for the ‘gram, it’s best to stay safe, stay inside, and try to stay as warm as possible, y’all!

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