Bodybuilder Mom-Shamed For Posting Photo Of Herself Breastfeeding Her Baby In Bikini

by Amy Paige
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Jordan Musser always dreamed of participating in a bodybuilding competition. But when the 25-year-old from Pennsylvania got pregnant with her first child, she put those pursuits on hold.

Jordan gave birth to her daughter, Tomi, in July 2018. It wasn’t difficult for her to “get her body back” as she eased back into her workouts. Trained in fitness and nutrition, Jordan was equipped with the tools and information she needed to lose the baby weight. However, she found it hard to balance her new role as a nursing mother with her deep-rooted desire to compete as a bodybuilder.

“Many women lose their delicate milk supply if they have a drop in body fat,” Jordan told Inside Edition.

“I was planning an almost total loss in body fat. It is a nearly impossible feat to cause your body fat to plummet into non-existence and keep a milk supply, but I was determined to make it happen.”

And make it happen she did! Jordan took home first-place titles at the National Physique Committee Bikini Competition in September 2019.

She was also still breastfeeding Tomi at the time.

Following her big win, Jordan went outside the event venue to nurse her baby on the steps. She shared a happy photo of the tender moment online … but she was not prepared for the backlash from both strangers and some of her loved ones.

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