Artist Body-Paints Entire Outfit Onto Model Before She Walks Around A Mall To See Who Notices

by Morgan Greenwald
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If someone walked by you in public wearing only body paint, do you think you’d notice right away?

Well, that’s exactly what professional body painter Jen Seidel of Jen the Body Painter set out to find out.

In the video below, you can see Jen transform a model wearing only underwear and nipple pasties into an “outfit” complete with jeans and a long-sleeve shirt, using only body paint!

Compared to other women wearing real clothes, you can hardly tell that the model’s outfit is completely painted unless you know what to look for.

To put her handiwork to the test, Jen and her model set out to the mall to see if people would notice anything different about the painted outfit.

While some onlookers didn’t even think twice about the painted garments, others were skeptical about whether jeans could possibly be that tight—and they were shocked to learn the truth!

Check out the video below to watch how people reacted when they found out that the model’s entire outfit was painted, and make sure to SHARE this video with your friends!

Video courtesy of Jen The Body Painter

[H/T: Bored Panda]

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