71-Year-Old Grandma’s Insane Daily Workout Transforms Her Into A Bodybuilder In Just 10 Years

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Our bodies are the product of how we live our lives, how active we are, and what we put into them. Most of us have been on a diet at some point or another, but the key to fitness is making healthy habits permanent.

But even if we live a healthy lifestyle, we’re not guaranteed the ideal body. One must really put in the work and have the same kind of determination as one Dr. Josefina Monasterio. Dr. Josefina is a bodybuilder, and her workout routine keeps her in the best shape of her life.

Dr. Josefina is also 71 years old. She’s an inspiration to anyone of any age!

A grandmother, she started bodybuilding at age 59 and totally transformed her body in just a few years.

Now, over a decade since she started bodybuilding, Dr. Josefina has her daily workout routine down to a science.

To start the day, she wakes up before dawn to read the Bible. Then, she meditates before going for a six-mile run — and she’s done before 6 a.m.!

Next, she practices yoga, eats breakfast, and put in two hours at the gym.

She calls this “The Dr. Josefina Way.”

With a lifestyle like this, no wonder she’s in such great shape! Would you be able to sustain the same kind of routine?

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