Bode And Morgan Miller Introduce Their New Baby Boy To The World After Their Daughter’s Death

by Angela Andaloro

Bode and Morgan Miller went through the unthinkable last year. Spring brought good news to the family when they discovered they were expecting another child.

Just a month after publicly announcing the pregnancy, tragedy struck. Their 19-month-old daughter, Emmy, got away from Morgan for what seemed like a split second. She wandered outside and fell into a neighbor’s pool. Emergency responders tried to revive the little girl, but sadly she died at a nearby hospital hours later.

Four months after losing Emmy, the family welcomed a little boy, Easton Vaughn Rek Miller. It was, as you can imagine, a time of joy but also grieving.

Morgan took to Instagram to address the ups and downs of the year with a family photo on Christmas Day. Baby Easton appears in the photos.

But in her first post of the new year, Morgan formally introduces the little boy to the world and remarks on how his presence has helped them through the impossible.

Bode and Morgan Miller went through every parent’s worst nightmare last year. Just as they were preparing for a new addition to their family, they experienced an unfathomable loss.

Bode and Morgan were already parents to Nash and Emmy when they announced they were expecting a third child together. That would bring their family to five kids, including Bode’s two children from previous relationships.

Sadly, the Millers would never get to know life as a family of seven. One month following Morgan’s pregnancy announcement, a tragic accident changed their family forever.

Morgan and Bode both posted to their Instagram pages to share that Emmy had died at 19 months old. At first, they didn’t release any additional details and asked for fans to respect their privacy.

Morgan and Bode later revealed that Emmy had accidentally drowned. The little girl wandered away from her mother for a moment and fell into the pool at a neighbor’s home.

Through the unthinkable, the family tried to rally strength. They have worked with others to increase awareness of water safety for kids.

Morgan revealed a heart-wrenching 3D sonogram that showed her baby boy looking like he was being held by a figure to his side. She believes wholeheartedly that the figure is Emmy, getting to know the little brother she would never get to meet in life.

In the same post, she announced that their son had arrived. She showed a sweet photo of the little boy holding a small necklace with Emmy’s handprint on it.

Easton Vaughn Rek Miller was born on October 5, 2018. Bode spoke out on the birth of his son and loss of his daughter just a few weeks later.

“There’s a blessing to being so busy in a way. Your days go by really slow because there’s just a lot of stuff and the kids. That kind of emotional strain is still there,” Bode said during his appearance on Today.

Time hasn’t healed the family’s wounds, but it has provided perspective.

“But then the months just fly by. I think any parent can relate to that. It’s unbelievable. It’s been six months since we lost Emmy and then, at the same time, seven weeks already for Easton,” he continued.

As the family moves forward, they’re loving every sweet moment with Easton. They’re also doing everything they can to keep Emmy’s memory alive. They’re not only doing that at home but also raising public awareness about accidental drowning and water safety for children.

Morgan has now introduced Easton to the world with her latest Instagram post. She calls her new baby boy “our little light.”

Morgan also acknowledged Easton’s role in their healing process.

He is so special and has brought so much healing and hope,” she wrote in the photo caption. “Our baby Emmy will never be replaced but man, has this little bundle allowed us to feel a small sense of peace and in a weird way, a connection between the heavens and earth.”

What do you think of Morgan’s heartwarming message formally introducing her son to the world?