Terrified Man Hiding In Tree Films Moment Bobcat Effortlessly Leaps Up To Stare Him Down

by Gwendolyn Plummer
Gwen is a writer, reader, hockey fan, concert goer, and lunchtime enthusiast.

Big cats are seriously beautiful creatures — but they can also be seriously dangerous. I have to say, I wouldn’t want to get too close to one.

According to ViralHog, one hunter in Kansas got way too close for comfort when he was out hunting white-tailed deer.

The man, Joseph, was staked out in a tree when he noticed a bobcat lurking in the leaves below him. It’s amazing how well the big cat camouflages into the fallen leaves.

I would have no idea what the best course of action would be in this kind of situation. My heart would tell me to run, but I think that would make the cat chase me. Joseph made the smart decision to stay very, very still.

Joseph did think to record the terrifying encounter, which was smart, because it gets so much scarier — I doubt anyone would believe him without video evidence!

I’m not sure if the bobcat was curious or hungry, but he took a distinct interest in Joseph.

Having a dangerous predator stand below you in the leaves is scary enough, but this bobcat actually starts climbing the tree Joseph is perched in!

Amazingly, something distracts the cat at the very last moment, and she takes off. Talk about a close call.

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