Woman Is Unaware She’s Hit A Bobcat And Drives For An Hour With Him Stuck In Car’s Grille

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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On Thanksgiving morning, Christie Peters got a strange text.

Christie is the director of the Richmond Animal Care and Control. She tells WTVR that she was up early that holiday morning, making chocolate pie for dinner. Around 8 a.m., she got a text from RACC officer Barbara Jones.

The text said: “I’m on a call with a bobcat stuck in the grille of a car — and he’s still alive. What do I do?”

Christie says they’d never seen anything like this before. She rushed to the scene with her dad by her side.

There, they found exactly what Barbara had detailed: a bobcat, trapped in the front of a Prius.

The woman who hit the bobcat said she was on her way to work. She “knew that she had hit something,” but had no idea it was a live animal! I’ve driven over plenty of big sticks and cardboard boxes and wondered what exactly I’d hit, so I bet she was thinking the same thing.

It wasn’t until an hour later — a 50-mile drive — that the woman parked and got out. That’s when she saw a bobcat trapped in her car, still alive.

Luckily, Christie, her dad, and Barbara were able to help the cat. They sedated him, and say it only took about four minutes to free him from the car’s grille.

Christie says the bobcat is completely fine and calls the whole thing a Thanksgiving miracle. The cat only suffered a cut on his back, but he was sent to Wildlife Center to be fully checked out and treated. He’ll be released back into the wild soon.

Christie says, “We just don’t ever get a chance to be so close to such beautiful, wild creatures and it was just wonderful to know that he made it through such a weird, crazy situation.”

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Footage provided by WTVR Richmond

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