Man Plans Incredible Boat Proposal, But Gets Knocked Off The Vessel When His Girlfriend Says Yes

by Angela Andaloro

A sweet idea for a proposal turned into a hilarious snafu the happy couple will never forget.

Colton Brownlee was ready to ask girlfriend Julie Palmer to marry him.

He planned the whole day out. Colton was going to ask Julie while she was docking her boat on Como Lake in Wisconsin.

The boat proposal went down on September 26. He gathered friends and lined them up on the bank. Each had one word on their T-shirt, which ended up spelling out “Julie, will you marry me?”

Julie pulled up to dock her boat but found another in her spot. Colton decided this was his chance. He stepped onto the second boat to bring Julie ashore.

Julie was completely surprised as he pulled out an engagement ring. She said yes and leaned forward to kiss Colton. In doing so, Julie accidentally hit the boat’s throttle.

In an instant, Julie’s boat flew forward, knocking her over before crashing into the bank. Colton got knocked off the second boat into the water. One of their friends, filming from shore, almost fell into the water as well.

Thankfully, everyone was able to have a good laugh about it after the fact. No one was hurt. The boat was fine. Most importantly, Colton held onto the ring box through his fall. The story isn’t storybook perfection, but it’s one the couple will never forget.

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