30+ Nostalgic Board Games Are Under $10 On Amazon Right Now

by Stephanie Kaloi

Calling all board game fans who have a penchant for nostalgia and getting games at a major steal: Amazon’s Deal of the Day is featuring allllllllllll of your gaming faves from back in the day.

You know, when “gaming” meant sitting at the table with your friends and seeing how many bones you could pull out of a cardboard man before getting shocked, or mercilessly sinking your mom’s battleship as she wept into her tea. Kids these days, man. They have no idea.

But really! There are so many board games on sale right now that it’ll kind of make your head spin. Like, I can’t deal. You can snag Classic Operation for a mere $9.99, while the aforementioned Battleship is on sale for $10.58.

Parents can try to be slick and drill some life lessons into their offspring by scoring the Game of Life for $9.99, but beware: I bought my son this a few years ago and was stunned by how very long the game goes on (and how it also basically taught him that he needs cash, cash, cash).

There are also so many options depending on what your vibe is. Nerds will rejoice at having the opportunity to buy Risk, again, and this time for $13.99. And before we go too far, Risk nerds, just know my husband is of your tribe, and I fully mean “nerds” when I say it.

Whatever your speed, there is truly a heavily discounted board game on the Deal of the Day for you. Like, seriously, there are at least three versions of Monopoly up there right now: Game of Thrones ($13.01), Ms. Monopoly ($10.99), and Deadpool ($9.29).

Happy shopping, gamers! May the odds be ever in your favor.

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