Bluegrass Girl Films In The Laundry Room To Create A Unique New Song

by C.B. Dionne
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Influenced by country, folk, and jazz, along with traditional English, Irish, and Scottish music, bluegrass has a sound that is truly unique.

Often driven by the banjo or ukulele, this upbeat, acoustic-style music has been around for centuries, and is incredibly fun to listen or dance to! You might not find it on most contemporary radio stations, but bluegrass music has a huge fan base that enjoys the music live and tracks down bluegrass music on the internet.

I always love hearing a bluegrass cover, especially one that comes from a completely different genre. It is just so unexpected, and mixes the familiarity of the original song’s melody with the unusual bluegrass style.

If you think that the songs that can be covered in a bluegrass style are limited, just check out this amazing AC/DC bluegrass cover!

Popular bluegrass musician Sierra Hull adds a little bit of comedy to her bluegrass routine when she uses a laundry machine to keep time in place of a metronome.

“This is how you practice your bluegrass chops on the mandolin while doing the laundry when your drier has a good bluegrass back beat,” she says.

That is certainly a musical use for a laundry machine that I never expected!

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