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After Dead Woman Is Buried Under Blue Roses, Stranger Sees Dog At Grave And Solves Town Mystery

by June Rivers
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About two years back, Alice Gill of Southern Pup Rescue & Retreat, spotted a skinny, white shepherd mix along the country highway.

She was scavenging for food beside the cemetery. Alice was able to get close enough to see that the dog was also trying to produce milk — but her puppies were nowhere in sight.

The white dog, who Alice named Mama Angel, was covered in fleas and ticks. But she started wagging her tail for the first time in a very long time. Alice wanted to take her home right away, but knew her babies wouldn’t survive without her. Instead, she hurried home to fetch some flea and tick medications.

Alice returned to the country graveside and found Mama with her male companion, Charlie. Alice fed and treated both dogs, then walked to a nearby house to see if anyone knew anything about the situation.

A man named Carl told Alice that Mama’s owner, an elderly woman named Ms. Carey, had passed away just weeks earlier. She died right before Mama gave birth to Charlie’s pups, and was laid to rest beneath a large bouquet of blue roses. Mama spent her days at Ms. Carey’s grave, going back and forth, caring for her puppies.

No one in town knew where the elusive babies were, but Carl directed Alice to Ms. Carey’s nephew, who tried to keep the dogs fed. The nephew allowed Alice to search the property in the effort to find Mama’s puppies.

“While driving Carl home, he called out, ‘There she is now.’ About 400 yards in front of us, Mama trotted toward us, down the dirt road toward her home,” Alice wrote on Facebook. She continued:

“But she cut through the pasture to get away from the car, not realizing it was us. I stopped the car and asked Carl, ‘Carl, you a praying man?’ ‘Yes ma’am.’ ‘Will you pray with me?’ ‘Sure will.’ And so two strangers, far removed in every way, closed our eyes together and asked for God to lead us to help this family in honor of Ms. Carey. We pulled out, back down the road, stopping periodically so as not to concern the mother.”

Not knowing she was being watched, Alice and Carl saw Mama slip underneath an old shed. Suddenly, three tiny female puppies crawled out, starving for food but so happy to see their mom.

Alice proceeded to rescue Mama Angel, Charlie, and their three little angels, Jaclyn, Kate, and Farrah. This amazing family was finally safe and sound for good.

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Video Credit: Alice Gill

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