Mom Gives Birth To Healthy Baby Girl, But Notices Her Face Isn’t Symmetrical

by Emerald Pellot
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When Camila was born, her mother, Angela Alzate, noticed that her daughter seemed happy and healthy.

But there was something unusual about the right side of Camila’s face.

It appeared to be swollen. As time went on, the cheek began to grow bigger. Angela feared it might be a malignant tumor and brought Camila to the hospital.

When doctors viewed Camila’s MRI, they were relieved to find it wasn’t cancer. Instead, Camila had a tumor made of veins.

“She was born with this and, as time goes by, that has continued to grow,” Dr. Rafael Ortiz of Cohen Children’s Medical Center told CBS.

“These are all a conglomeration of very dilated and fat veins.”

Doctors knew the tumor had to be removed. As it grew, it began to press on Camila’s skull, threatening to prevent healthy development. However, the surgery was risky. With so many blood vessels inside the tumor, Camila was at risk of losing a lot of blood if anything were to go wrong.

The expert doctors came up with a plan: a series of five treatments and one surgery to remove the tumor. The procedure was an incredible success.

Just two weeks after the surgery, Camila’s face is still a little swollen, but you can barely tell the little girl ever had a tumor.

“She’s going to grow up happy and a normal baby — like a normal baby,” Angela said.

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