Nurses Fear Mom Is Dying Of Blood Loss But They’re Astonished When They Put Newborn On Her Chest

by Amy Paige
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Chi Tran is a dedicated nurse who works in the postpartum unit at Medical City Dallas Hospital, helping new mothers and their babies recover after childbirth.

But in June 2018, the tables were turned when Chi was the mom-to-be and in the throes of labor.

Chi gave birth to her son Eric at the same hospital where she works, with the aid of her beloved coworkers.

While Eric was born totally healthy, things quickly took a horrifying turn for the new mom. The medical team discovered Chi was losing an extreme amount of blood, and her health was rapidly declining.

Then Chi started hemorrhaging. Doctors rushed her into the surgical unit before she could even hold her son or see his face!

It was a life-or-death situation.

Chi was hooked up to a ventilator and received 24 units of blood. Despite the nurses’ tireless efforts, her levels were still unstable, and it wasn’t looking good.

Then something miraculous happened. The nurses were able to finally place baby Eric on his mother’s chest — and 40 minutes after being initially hooked up to the ventilator, Chi’s fellow nurses stood around her and watched as her vitals as began to change…

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