Pregnant Mom Learns The Throbbing Pain In Her Leg During 3rd Trimester Is A Dangerous Blood Clot

by Mauricio Castillo
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About 11 years ago, Dorothy Christians suffered a terrifying ordeal involving a blood clot.

According to FOX26 Houston, the now-mom of three can still remember the agony.

“It was one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt,” Dorothy told the news station. “I mean, I couldn’t walk. To go to the bathroom, my husband would have to carry me.”

The pain began during the third trimester of her pregnancy with her first son. Her upper left leg and groin began to throb.

Eventually, the pain led her to the ER. Doctors hospitalized her with deep vein thrombosis, a blot clot in her groin.

At first, Dorothy didn’t realize the extent of the danger she was in. Luckily, her OB-GYN was well aware.

Dr. Meera Garcia, who eventually delivered Dorothy’s son, told FOX26 about the clot and how it can lead to a pulmonary embolism.

“With pulmonary embolism, if it is not identified and treated, you can shoot off more and more blood clots from wherever the clots are deep in your veins, to the point your lungs cannot exchange oxygen anymore,” Dr. Garcia said. “It will lead to death.”

Dorothy had to inject herself with blood thinners daily to prevent clotting through her first pregnancy, as well as her two subsequent ones.

Luckily, she successfully gave birth all three times. She now has a message to pregnant women: “I do think that deep down, when you know something is wrong, it’s that instinct. You need to listen to your body.”

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Photo: FOX26 Houston

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