Blonde Little Girl And Her Blonde Pup Share A Sweet Kiss

by Nicole Cannizzaro
Nicole is a writer who studied journalism. She loves music and spending time with her family.

Tiny humans and tiny dogs… Does it get any better?

I think that little girl and her tiny companion whom she snuggled up with to read a bedtime story might be the two cutest snuggle buddies that we all wish we could become the third member of…

This adorable little blonde girl has a sweet little blonde dog to accompany her when she’s bored, and it seems that this might be one of the most patient pups around.

I know that dogs seemingly have the life we all want, to sleep, eat, and play all day. But they definitely do a lot for us humans, too. From love, loyalty, and compassion, I’d say dogs deserve a nice pat on the back… or head.

As she sporadically rubs his tiny little head, he remains still and lovable.

But when she stops and they look at each other? It’s a cuteness overload!

I think that this dog definitely greeted this girl the same way that bull terrier did, when she was brought home from the hospital. These dogs are like their family’s protectors and companions for life, literally from day one if they’re around for the baby birth. And there is nothing better than a dog proving that animals know exactly how to love… Some even end up being more loving than humans, if you ask me!

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