After 46 Years Of Captive Abuse, Blind Elephant Gets Her Very First Taste Of Freedom

by Amy P
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In December 2019, a captive adult elephant named Karma was finally rescued by the incredible folks at Wildlife SOS.

Karma, now 46 years old, lived her life in captivity up until this point, abused and used like a prop to beg for money or carry heavy loads through the chaotic streets of India.

And because she’s blind in both eyes, she had to endure these angst-ridden experiences by relying on her handlers to get her through the busy traffic.

She uses her trunk to guide her by both feeling and smelling the earth in front of her.

In the beginning of the clip below, watch as Karma gets her first taste of freedom as she cautiously walks off an ambulance.

She’s been given a new life at an animal sanctuary called the Elephant Care and Conservation Centre in northern India.

In the past few months, Karma has become an entirely different elephant; she’s so much more confident and comfortable now that she’s being guided by caretakers who are by her side not to hurt her, but to help her.

Video Credit: Newsflare


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