Blind Dog Rescued From Hidden Hole In His Yard After A Neighbor Catches A Glimpse Of Him

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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When a dog goes missing, there is not much that they can do to get themselves help.

It’s not like they can call their friends and family to ask for directions.

If their nose betrays them and keeps them from getting home, they are out of luck. Especially if they’re lost for a while and become too weak to bark or whine for help.

When someone’s pet goes missing, the pet owner will quickly get on top of handing out flyers with their animal’s face on it, and they will ask every person they know to help them look for their dog.

Although an owner will go to many lengths to find their furry loved one, sometimes they need a little bit of help in order to actually succeed.

One dog helped his owner find his best friend after he’d been missing for a week. Meanwhile, one neighbor proved to be the best on the block after finding a missing dog.

Facebook/ Costa Mesa Fire Department

An eagle-eyed neighbor spotted Angus the bulldog days after he’d gone missing in their neighborhood.

Angus’ owner, Robyn Hubbard, had posted flyers around town after Angus went missing, as he is not only 14, but he is also blind and has seizures. She thought he was on his last legs.

Facebook/ Costa Mesa Fire Department

The Costa Mesa Fire Department was called in when the missing dog was discovered in a 10-foot hole. The firefighters were quick to assist the dog that had been missing for over three days!


The neighbor happened to notice the hole in Robyn’s backyard that she had never seen before.

Robyn was with her neighbor when the woman crawled on the ground and found the small hole with Angus inside.


Once they realized where Angus was, they called for help. Thankfully, the fire department rescued Angus in under an hour.


Despite being stuck for so long, Angus was only a little bit dehydrated and hungry.

The 14-year-old dog shocked his owner, as he hasn’t been in the yard in over a year!

“He hasn’t been in the backyard for a year,” she told CBS Los Angeles, “He can’t even really walk from the bed to the den.”

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