Man Struggles To Hail Taxi, Then Woman Steps In To Help When She Realizes He’s Blind

by Gwendolyn Plummer
Gwen is a writer, reader, hockey fan, concert goer, and lunchtime enthusiast.

While exploring Wrigleyville — the neighborhood that surrounds the Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field — for the first time, 26-year-old Casey Spelman noticed a man standing in the street.

A Cubs game had just ended, and the crowd was thick. Baseball fans exited the stadium in droves. Others were walking past this man, but Casey noticed something about him that others hadn’t. He was blind.

According to onlooker Ryan Hamilton, who watched the exchange from a rooftop bar across the street, the blind man had been “trying to hail a cab for several minutes.” When Casey saw him struggling, she decided to help.

Casey says she walked up to the man, whose name she still doesn’t know, and said, “Hi, are you trying to get a cab?” When he said he was, she asked if he would like some help.

The man replied, “That would be great,” so Casey hailed a taxi and waited with the blind stranger until he was safely inside.

Once a cab stopped to pick him up, the stranger hugged Casey and said, “God bless you, and have a great night.”

Ryan caught images of Casey’s good deed on camera, which he shared in the video below.

Casey did not expect to receive any attention for her exchange, but she does hope that she can connect with the stranger again.

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