Rescuers Save A Blind Coyote. Days Later, They Open The Door To Her Pen And See 4 Babies

by Jessica Rothhaar
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Six weeks ago, a wildlife organization known as Animal Rescue Team rescued one incredible coyote. The mere fact that she was alive was a miracle in and of itself.

When they found her, the blind female coyote had survived an accidental poisoning, a 30-foot fall into a dried-out riverbed, dehydration, and, amazingly, a gunshot to the head. Talk about one tough animal!

It all started with the gunshot that pierced her frontal lobe, causing the poor creature to go blind. It’s safe to say this is why she stumbled and fell into the riverbed, and possibly even ingested rat poison.

After someone alerted Animal Rescue Team about her, they rushed out to help.

The rescue team knew she deserved a second chance at life so they took her in, just like this firefighter did with a pit bull he saved from a burning building.

Since then, this brave coyote has been recovering at the team’s facility in California, but no one could have expected the surprise that came next…

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The injured coyote was in rough shape when rescuers brought her in. The gunshot wound she suffered immediately rendered her blind, which led to her ingesting poison and eventually falling into a dried-up riverbed. She was lucky to be alive.

Her rescuers found her on the verge of death. They performed CPR all the way to the rescue center. Miraculously, she survived the trip and began to heal.

However, this wasn’t the only miracle the resilient coyote would experience…

When workers opened up her pen for a cleaning one morning, they found that she had given birth to four baby coyotes!

The four miracle pups were all healthy and safe in the tender care of their brave mom. The rescue workers couldn’t believe their eyes.

The beautiful pups will stay with their mother until they are strong enough to go out into the wild on their own.

“Although she remains blind, she is the best mother we have ever witnessed,” the group posted on Facebook.

The mama coyote will stay with the rescue team until she recovers, and then she will be moved to the safety of a wildlife sanctuary. There, she’ll be able to live out the rest of her life safely, despite her blindness. 

It is truly incredible what this mama coyote has been through in the past few weeks!

What’s even more incredible is how well she has been able to care for her pups during her recovery.

For more updates on this brave coyote and to learn more about this amazing wildlife organization, visit the Animal Rescue Team’s Facebook page.

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