Blind Rescue Bulldog Finds Forever Home With Brother Just Like Him

by Rebecca Landman
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When 5-month-old Ago the dog arrived at the Sacramento SPCA, he was in bad shape.

Ago, whom rescuers originally named Batty, was malnourished, scared, suffering from a chin abscess, and most noticeably, blind.

His original owner dropped him off, claiming he lacked sufficient funds to support Batty’s ailments. SPCA workers, though, didn’t believe his story. Batty had likely been bred in a backyard breeder situation gone very wrong, and needed help fast.

Rescuers at the SPCA embraced Batty with love and care. They immediately began healing his wounds, socializing him, and, ultimately, searching for his forever home.

In an effort to entice adoption applications, they started sharing Batty’s story.

Amazingly, this tactic worked!

Cassidy Kraus and Brett Weyers found Batty’s story on the Dodo, and knew immediately that he needed to join their family… in Wisconsin.

They submitted an application, were accepted, and drove cross-country to meet their new pup, whom they have since renamed Ago.

Why were Kraus and Weyers so adamant about rescuing this dog, all the way in Sacramento? Because, they were already parents to a blind dog — Ago’s new big brother, Soto.

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blind bulldog

When this precious pup was only 5 months old, his original owner dropped him off at the Sacramento SPCA, completely worse for wear.

blind bulldog

This little treasure had likely been a victim of backyard breeding, and arrived at the SPCA sporting a hosting of different ailments, most prominent of which was that he couldn’t see.

Due to his blindness, rescuers temporarily named him Batty.

blind bulldog

The Sacramento SPCA had Batty checked out by a vet, and explained on their Facebook: “He has a rare congenital (birth) defect in both eyes. They are not painful but he cannot see.

“His irises are stuck to the back of his corneas, causing scarring. They actually start out in that relationship but in his case they failed to separate normally during development as a fetus.

“He may be at risk for developing glaucoma later in life, but right now his eyes aren’t causing a problem… which means, he gets to keep them!”

blind bulldog

Folks all around the country immediately started sending well wishes, good vibes, and gifts Batty’s way.

The SPCA started sharing Batty’s story on social media, hoping that publicity would help this pup finally connect with the perfect forever family.

blind bulldog

While Batty recovered from his traumas and regained his strength at the Sacramento SPCA, awaiting adoption, this pup was also lucky enough to receive another very special gift — his first true friendship.

Batty befriended Bueller, a pup that arrived at the SPCA unable to walk.

Bueller was adopted shortly after his friendship with Batty blossomed, but their connection foreshadowed another exciting opportunity on Batty’s horizon.

blind bulldog

Soon after Bueller’s adoption, little Batty found a forever family of his very own.

Cassidy Kraus and Brett Weyers saw little Batty’s story on the Dodo, and knew instantly that he needed to join their family.

Batty would soon join their family as Ágios, Ago for short, and gain a new mom, dad, and cool big brother, Soto, who is also blind!

Kraus told LittleThings, “We saw Ago in a video from the Dodo and knew we had to have him. I sent in an application request immediately.”

blind bulldog

The only little hiccup in their plan was that Ago was in Sacramento, and they… were in Wisconsin.

rescue pup
Cassidy Kraus

That distance wasn’t going to stop this couple, though, from adding Ago to their family.

Once their application was accepted, this happy family traveled a long way to meet their newest addition.

Kraus explained to LittleThings of their new name choice, “We actually already have one blind dog (Sotiras “Soto” for short and Sotiras stands for savior in Greek).

“We renamed Batty to Ágios (Ago – pronounced “Ahgo” for short), which stands for saint in Greek.”

blind bulldog
Cassidy Kraus

Kraus told LittleThings: “We are all the way from Wisconsin and Ago was at the Sacramento SPCA.

“We decided to make the 33-hour, one-way drive with Soto in tow to pick up Ago.”

Kraus wrote on Facebook, responding to the outpouring of love her whole family received during the adoption experience, “To everyone’s incredibly kind comments — THANK YOU! We are on the long ride home now and he is absolutely wonderful. So full of love, cuddles, and playfulness.”

Cassidy Kraus

Ago’s new mommy continued, posting to Facebook: “To Sacramento SPCA — thank you for waiting for us to make the drive out and being so amazing and flexible!

“Our hearts are so full of love right now and we cannot wait to start this journey with him and show him just how awesome the Packers and snow can really be!”

Thanks to the care of his loving rescuers at the SPCA, his foster family, and Ago’s new forever family, this precious dog finally seems to have found his way out of the darkness and into the light.

Though little Ago’s life started off grim, since his rescue and adoption, his future life, living with his forever family, looks beautifully bright.

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