‘The Voice’ Insiders Say Blake Shelton Will Propose To Gwen Stefani Soon: ‘They Had A Moment’

by Angela Andaloro

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are a serious “it” couple. We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to get cute glimpses inside their relationship during their time as coaches on The Voice this season.

It’s extra cute considering they first met on the set of the singing competition. One of the show’s contestants is saying that what goes on behind the scenes is way cuter than what viewers get to see.

Rose Short, a Team Gwen contestant, witnessed such a cute moment that she’s willing to make a bold prediction. Rose believes that the couple, who bought a home together just last month, will be getting engaged before we know it. “Let me tell you something: it’s coming,” she told Us Weekly.

“They had a moment.”

Engagement rumors have followed the couple since early on in their four-year relationship. While answers from Blake and Gwen are often coy, this behind-the-scenes scoop makes it feel like an engagement may be closer than we imagined.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s adorable relationship has captured many hearts over the past four years. The couple first met on the set of The Voice, where they sparked a friendship. Later on, the two would lean on each other as they went through painful divorces.

As the relationship between the 50-year-old rocker and 43-year-old country crooner has bloomed, fans have wondered when they’ll take the next step. Since both were fresh off divorces, they weren’t eager to talk about the possibility of marriage early on in their relationship. In recent years, however, the coy responses have given way for some more optimistic comments.

Earlier this month, fans thought that the two might finally be ready to walk down the aisle. Gwen was spotted wearing a diamond ring on her left ring finger at the People’s Choice Awards. She attended to accept the Fashion Icon Award.

She even shouted out her beau in her acceptance speech. “Blake Shelton, look! Icon!” she said in her speech, according to Access Hollywood. “You inspire me all the time,” she continued. “I love you, Blake Shelton. You’re a babe.”

When E! News caught up with her to ask about the ring, she assured it wasn’t what it looked like. “It might be a real ring — a real diamond — but it’s not a wedding ring, no,” she explained. “It actually doesn’t fit over the glove on [the right] hand so I put it on this hand. But it looks good, right?”

In October, a source spoke to Page Six about how the couple is definitely on a course for the endgame. “It was clear within a few months of Gwen and Blake becoming a couple that this was for keeps,” the source explained. “It’s now just a matter of when and where.”

“We’re all expecting a wedding soon,” the source continued. “I don’t think there will be a big engagement, but they will have an intimate wedding. I would say within the year they’ll be married.”

There’s no question that marriage is on the table for the couple. They recently bought a home together in Los Angeles, another important step in combining their lives. “They’re both very much family people, Gwen’s extremely close to her family who live in California, and Blake has become part of their family,” the source noted.

As for when wedding bells might ring, a contestant on The Voice has some strong ideas. You may remember Rose Short from a heartwarming moment earlier this season. After one of her performances, Blake took the opportunity to gush about how great having Gwen in your life can be.

“Rose, I couldn’t be happier for you that you have Gwen as your coach. Because I’ve had Gwen as my best friend and I can see the effect that it has on somebody — the way she helps you to believe in yourself,” he told the singer. The heartwarming moment bought tears to Gwen’s eyes.

Now Rose is sharing what she’s seen backstage and how it makes her think the couple might be getting engaged pretty soon. “Let me tell you something: it’s coming. They had a moment,” she told Us Weekly. She spilled the beans during the season 17 Top 11 Artists live screening and red carpet in Los Angeles on Monday, November 25.

“We were backstage getting ready and she was getting her makeup done,” she recalled. “He stopped and it was like — so much going on that nobody saw it but me — but he was standing there and he looked at her like he was so proud. So it’s gonna happen.”

“He’s smitten by her. He’s going to ask,” Rose concluded in her interview with Us Weekly. She is clearly excited for her coach. “He is in love with that lady. You could see it all over him.”

The couple has maintained that when there’s something to be announced, they’ll be happy to share the news with fans. There’s no telling for certain when that may happen, but all signs point to soon. Maybe the magic of the holiday season will spell out happily ever after for one of our favorite couples.