Blake Shelton Gets Revenge On Kelly Clarkson With Hilarious ‘Don’t Speak’ Prank On ‘The Voice’

by Kelly Glass
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Blake Shelton amused the audience and fellow judges as he hilariously pranked fellow judge Kelly Clarkson on Monday’s episode of The Voice.

Blake secretly played the song “Don’t Speak” every time the “Since You Been Gone” singer spoke.

It all started when Blake told Kelly she would never use her block on him, saying she didn’t recognize talent as easily as he did. Kelly proved Blake wrong, as she not only blocked him once from getting singer Marybeth Byrd but also tricked him into blocking himself!

In revenge mode, Blake had his buzzer set to blast the 1995 song by his girlfriend Gwen Stefani’s band No Doubt.

The idea was to mute out Kelly’s voice, but even Kelly herself found it to be a bit hilarious, at least at first. As the shenanigans continued, Kelly anxiously wanted to know who was responsible for it. 

The prank backfired when Blake accidentally hit his own buzzer, blasting “Don’t Speak” and giving himself away. “You did do it to me!” Kelly screamed.

Eventually, Blake admitted to the prank by saying, “The ‘Don’t Speak’ music? That was me.” 

“I can’t wait to do it again,” Blake said.

Kelly admitted the funniest part of it all was Blake telling on himself. Consider it karma for Kelly.

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