Blake Shelton Stops Short In Middle Of Concert When He Sees Man About To Propose In Front Row

by Mauricio Castillo
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Choosing the perfect venue to propose to someone can be tricky. With so many things out of our control in just our day-to-day lives, trying to perform the perfect proposal is something pretty difficult to do. In the case of Robbie, the young man in the video below, a concert may not have been the absolute, 100 percent, perfect venue, but it sure was the right one!

After all, the only thing that truly makes a proposal perfect is when the person you are proposing to says yes!

The footage, shot in the Savemart Centre in Fresno, California, was filmed during a concert of country music star Blake Shelton.

It was Blake himself who stopped the concert after noticing the young couple in the front row.

Robbie had just gotten down on his knee in front of his girlfriend, Shianne.

“Are you gonna ask her — are you asking her to marry you?” Blake inquired.

Robbie nodded profusely before letting the country star know that Shianne’s mom was on the phone, watching!

After the proposal was complete, Blake asked if she said yes. After confirming, he yelled “Congratulations!”

“I gotta do a song for you guys. Robbie and Shianne, they just got engaged right here in front of me.”

And then, in an unforgettable moment, the country star serenaded them with a song.

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